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Where in the world are you?

Hello Gorgeous

Where in the world are you?

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These 7 Magical Products and Tools Will Give You the Silkiest Hair of Your *Life*

Be prepared to look like a walking shampoo commercial.

Being the diligent, beauty-product stalkers we are, we combed through the massive market of hair tools and products to find the best of the best that A) won't waste your time and B) seriously freaking work. Ahead, our favorite formulas and gadgets that'll give you the shiniest, softest, and silkiest hair of all time.



Fact: Even if you go to sleep with smooth-as-hell hair, you’re almost guaranteed to wake up with bedhead, thanks to your cotton and polyester pillowcases that pull, tug, and strip moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep. Instead, opt for a silk pillowcase to cut down on friction, leaving your hair softer and less frizzy in the morning.

Read the full article here www.marieclaire.com/beauty

Thanks for the LOVE Marie Claire!


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